Here’s a peek at some of our current & planned titles in all their virtual glory!

Along with our paperbacks, all of the books in our book shop have digital editions! You can read them on your desktop computer, laptop or on most any mobile device, including Kindle!

I get the sentimentality that surrounds small press books & books in general, believe me– I used to painstakingly handcraft the zine + all of Words Dance’s books & I loved everything about doing it. Since going digital though, it’s opened up so many different doors in my artistry plus it’s given me the gift of more time & for that, I am beyond grateful.

Though I love building upon my tangible book collection (except when I find myself in the midst of moving!) I’ve become quite fond of my Kindle & the space it frees up! While I love holding books, the smell of books, touching & dog-earring the pages of books, I also love the instant gratification that the digital world allows & let’s not forget the trees that it saves! 

It doesn’t matter how you choose to feed your head & heart, by way of paper or screen, all that matters is that you do!

Be Moving & Be Moved,

Awesome work!


Studies and Practice for Week 2


Studies and Practice for Week 2

This past week I have been working on gathering the pieces (research, studies, etc.) needed in order to begin working on my first painting of the semester. I began with doing blind contour drawings of stock photography in order to practice human features.

GroupSide By SideDetail1Detail2Detail3

After doing some more studies, I asked a friend to send me a recording of himself “describing a moment in his life that he views as being…

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Half of my “Mental Statues” series… Its been slowly growing over the last year. I can’t wait for the next shoot! So excited to show everyone what I have been working on.